To the polls…

Suffolk University has him down by 36 points, with 16% still undecided.

American Research Group has him down by 43, with 11% still undecided.

Rasmussen has him down by 29, with 27% still undecided.

TSG/Orion Strategies has him down 40, with 14% undecided.

The one bit of good news for Obama? The expectations are SO low that if he happens to pull off a closer victory, say within 20 points, it’ll be news. Don’t expect that though. This state is going for Hillary, and it’s going to go big.

What that says about the race as a whole is really anybody’s guess. Hillary will point out that this is proof Obama can’t capture “hard working” voters, i.e. uneducated white voters. And that could be true, but we won’t know that until early November. We have yet to see “Obama, The General Election Candidate” yet, and he could turn around these sentiments once people start hearing his policy proposals, which will draw clear contrasts with McCain’s.

More as it develops…

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