Allahpundit has some good analysis on why John McCain may end up choosing Mike Huckabee as his running mate. I’ll sum it up rather than quote it.

Huckabee is media savvy, playing well on news and faux news shows alike.

Huckabee’s popularity among southern evangelicals could help blunt Barack Obama’s popularity among southern Blacks.

Huckabee’s blue-collar populism (read: liberalism) could be instrumental in winning over Hillary Clinton’s base of voters in swing states/

Of course, as Allahpundit’s closing remark (he jokingly wants to write in Hillary Clinton) makes clear, a McCain/Huckabee ticket would make certain kinds of conservatives very ill. And while I find many of Huckabee’s policies acceptable enough (if a little too couched in populist rhetoric), his religious intensity seems to indicate a man who would potentially use the power of government to steer our nation in a specific religious direction. I have no problem with presidents having faith and using that faith to guide their morality. But Huckabee has too often struck me as a man who wants to impose his specific beliefs on those of us of different faiths.

If McCain chooses Huckabee, he may strengthen his hand in some important states but he may lose some votes as well.

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