A former Republican turned Democrat who could put Virginia in play? Plus massive foreign policy credibility? Plus, like Obama, not a lot of time spent “inside the beltway”?

Marc Ambinder agrees, and notes the release of Webb’s book tomorrow:

“A Time To Fight: Reclaiming a Just And Fair America” is Webb’s most explicitly political to date, and it takes some potshots at the Democratic establishment. (Newsy!) Webb writes about martial values and military service, but his main subject is what he terms the “forgotten” working class. He blends history and contemporary observations and sketches out the policies that would work toward the end of reclaiming America for average joes and janes.

One other thing to note…McCain opposes Webb’s new legislation “Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.” The reason? Too costly.

Now, I don’t know about you, but given that our military is still all-voluntary and a growing number of them think our leaders have lied to them about why they’re currently fighting, a think we need a nice, big, fat education incentive in order to make sure there’s enough “there” there for us to maintain current troop levels.

Still, McCain opposes it and so this seems like a KEY piece of legislation for the Democrats to push in the fall. In fact, Obama is already calling McCain out for opposing it, and if Webb were the running mate, he could hit McCain on this daily while Obama talked about other issues.

And if the Republicans can actually derail Webb’s legislation and make sure it doesn’t pass, wouldn’t it be rather advantageous for the first bi-partisan pieces of legislation a “President Obama” to pass to be something his VP proposed?

Drawbacks to Webb? He never seems to come off as the most genial of personalities, and if you contrast that with McCain or possibly even Huckabee, it makes the Democrats seem even colder. Also, he’s only been on the national stage for a short time and who knows how he’d do when the spotlight is on him 24/7.

Still, an intriguing pick, no?

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