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The New Number: 2,026


With Childers’ win in Mississippi’s special election last night, another superdelegate has been added since all state representatives get a vote.

No word on who he’ll back, but Mississippi went really big (61% to 37%) for Obama.

By the way, Clinton and company have now revised their number to 2,210. I point this out only so you’ll know what to ignore.

But since we’re on the topic, here are some delegate numbers:

Pledged Delegates Won
Obama – 1599
Clinton – 1446
Advantage: Obama +153

Super Duper Delegates Won
Obama – 289.5
Clinton – 273.5
Advantage: Obama +16

Total Delegates Won
Obama – 1888.5
Clinton – 1719.5
Advantage: Obama +169

Delegates Needed To Clinch
Clinton – 306.5
Obama – 137.5

% of 441 Remaining Delegates Needed To Clinch
Clinton – 69%
Obama – 31%

Obviously these numbers fluctuate between news sources, but given that we’ve kept on top of this I’m pretty sure these are damn close.

More as it develops…