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Obama's Team Quietly Dismantles Dem Attack Group


When you hear McCain talk about how he has no control over swift-boat like groups, he may be right, but you’d also do well to remember this story.

From TPM:

A few weeks ago, Media Matters’ David Brock announced to great fanfare that he was taking over Progressive Media USA, a third-party group that would, he vowed, raise $40 million for ads to soften up John McCain in advance of the general election.

Now the group is quietly shuttering those efforts with barely a whimper.

Barack Obama’s fundraising team has been quietly putting out word to major donors that they didn’t want any money to go to such third-party groups. Instead, they wanted the cash to go to the Obama campaign, so Obama advisers could be in sole control of the campaign’s message.

The message is clear: we don’t want your kind of “help.”

A new kind of politics? It’s a good sign.