Chuck Todd explains why the Obama camp is cheering today…

When President Bush — thousands of miles away in Israel — decided to fire his thinly veiled shot at Obama yesterday, it was a giant gift to the Illinois senator and his campaign.


One, it essentially kept Clinton on the sidelines just two days after her big West Virginia victory.

Two, Obama’s opponent was no longer Clinton or McCain, but the man with the 27% job-approval rating.

And three, it rallied Democrats to Obama’s side. Even neutral Dems, like Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel and Harry Reid, quickly leapt to Obama’s defense.

Agreed on all points. Obama wants to run against Bush ALL day, and Bush puts McCain in a precarious position with statements like these because John is virtually forced to agree with him. That leaves Obama open to credibly charge that a McCain presidency would equal 4 more years of Bush’s foreign policy.

More as it develops…

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