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Gallup: Obama Leads By 9


Is he finally breaking away? Are voters finally accepting reality? Because after yesterday, when the margin was only 4, it’s shot up 5 points.

The details…

Obama’s current nine percentage point lead is based on a strong showing for the Illinois senator in Gallup’s Friday night interviewing. For the past few days, news coverage of Election 2008 has been dominated by the back and forth between Obama and the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain regarding various comments and positions on dealing with Iran and Hamas in the Middle East, and attempts by Obama to underscore the link between McCain and President Bush.

Also implicit in this news coverage has been the assumption that Obama will be the Democratic nominee, with much less news coverage of Clinton — despite the fact that she continues to campaign against Obama as Tuesday’s primary voting in Kentucky and Oregon approaches. Some news accounts suggest that Obama may “declare victory” after the voting next Tuesday.

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