It’s all about Florida and Michigan for her, and MSNBC has the details about how she’s using this narrative to spin, spin, spin…

“There were some folks who didn’t want Kentucky to vote,” she said. “There are some folks, you can see them on TV every night, who wanted it to be over for me after Iowa. And every time they say it, something funny happens. The voters don’t agree.”

She said these talking heads are “talking at us instead of with us,” and that they don’t have as much at stake in the election.

“I would bet every single one of those folks, they’ve got a job; we can see that. They’ve got good health care; we know that. They can pay whatever the charge is at the gas pump most likely. They can send their child to college. I’m not running to represent them, I’m running to fight for you and to be your champion.”

Yes, it’s Hillary against the pundits. Because, you know, the pundits want this thing to be over…they don’t enjoy a longer campaign…no, not at all…

And about the popular vote…

Clinton also repeated that she is “leading in the popular vote” — although that claim is based only on when you add the votes she gained from the contests in Florida and Michigan, and Obama’s name wasn’t even on the ballot in the latter race.

That’s right. She’s leading in the popular vote if you count ZERO votes for Obama in Michigan. But if you split the votes for “Uncommitted”, you’d get about 120,000 votes for Obama…which would put him in the lead in the popular vote. And my guess is that more voted “Uncommitted” for Obama than they did Edwards, so he’d probably lead by even more.

I am really, really looking forward to the middle of June.

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