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Obama Won't Declare Victory On Tuesday


A smart move on the Illinois senator’s part.

From Politico:

At the heart of the bid to steer reporters from the he-will-declare-victory narrative is a recognition that Clinton, who trails by a historically small margin, claims millions of supporters who don’t want her unceremoniously pushed out of the race. And the Democratic party views its chances in November as dependent upon its ability to reunite these opposing camps.

“Right now, it is all about unifying the party,” said Peter Fenn, a Democratic strategist unaffiliated with either campaign. “This election should be won by the Democrats if the Democrats unite behind a candidate. The one hope that McCain has is if the party splits. For Obama, who has so far been very concerned about antagonizing Clinton’s supporters, you are walking a fine line.”

Yes, better to just keep criss-crossing the country and running against John McCain.

Then, after June 3rd, the superdelegates will coalesce even more around Obama…who still leads in post-PA pickups by a margin of nearly 5 to 1 at this point.

And then Hillary can do as she has promised…to get behind Obama and fight for him with all she has. It’ll be interesting to see if that really happens…