As I’ve noted yesterday, he’s been really racking them up lately, and depending on which news service you look at, he’s leading Hillary from anywhere between 26 and 16 supers.

Today, we have Guam Representative Madeleine Bordallo coming out for Obama:

“Today I have pledged my support as a superdelegate to Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama offers us the leadership needed to address the challenges Guam and our nation will face in the coming years.

Senator Obama is working very closely with Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and other Senate leaders to secure more support for H.R. 1595, the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act. Senator Obama fully understands and supports the efforts to seek full recognition for the patriotism and suffering endured by the people of Guam during enemy occupation in World War II.

And later today, Iowa DNC Chair Scott Brennan will announce.

Also here are a few superdelegate tallies…

Obama – 301.5
Clinton – 273.5
Obama – +28

Dem Con Watch
Obama – 303.5
Clinton – 276.5
Obama – +27

Real Clear Politics
Obama – 303
Clinton – 278
Obama – +25

Here’s the thing…he’s about 100 delegates away from clinching. And after the contests tonight, he’ll definitely be much, much closer.

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