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McCain Raises $18M In April


It’s definitely a good month for him, and his biggest to date, but he raised $4M less than Hillary, who raised all this in a month when it has been known she’s almost destined to lose, and $15M less than Obama.

Also, as an interesting juxtaposition to Obama’s donors, with 94% contributing less than $200, McCain and the RNC seem to have set up a new fundraising structure…

Under a new fundraising structure created by the campaign and the Republican National Committee, a donor can give up to $70,000 to the “McCain Victory 2008,” significantly more than the $2,300 individual donor limit set by campaign finance laws. If a donor gives the maximum amount the money is split into multiple funds that all benefit McCain’s campaign: the first $2,300 of that money goes to the McCain campaign itself, the next $28,000 goes to the RNC, and the rest is divided among four swing states the campaign plans to target in the general election. Those targeted states are: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico.

I wonder if Obama has any plans to raise money in this fashion…