Joe Biden appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and fielded George Stephanopoulos’ question about the VEEP spot. “There’s going to be all kinds of speculation,” Biden said, carefully selecting the generic “safe” response.  “I’m up for reelection.  I’m running for reelection to the United States Senate.  I’m chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.  I’ve made it clear I’m not looking for that job, and …”

“But you won’t turn it down,” Stephanopoulos pushed further.

“Well, you know, anybody that’s asked by their nominee to be their running mate, you’d have to consider it,” Biden admitted for the first time.  “How could you just blow it off?  You can’t do that.  And — but I don’t anticipate that happening.”

Why Joe Biden, you say? Jesus – have you heard the man speak? He’s witty, he’s informed and he’s cut-throat. Who better to make a mockery of the competition better than this seasoned senator?

In recent weeks, you may have caught a Biden sound bite where he’s dismissed President Bush’s attacks on the Democratic nominee (presumably Obama) as “bullshit” and “malarkey” – which shows that he’s ready to go to bat for the Democratic party. McCain has always been respected for his Straight Talk, as has Biden — thus making him a rather formidable force.

These days, Joe is also forward-thinking about how we can eliminate the global food crisis and fight crime / bolster defenses against terror at home. The GOP party is already ramping up to launch an Obama assault on his (lack of) foreign policy experience. However, with a Joe Biden attack-dog at his side, they’ll have a much tougher time making a credible case. He also has his old campaign website still updated, which implies that he’s looking for a prominent position in the next administration — a position that he’d be completely suitable for.

An Obama-Biden “ticket brand” would exude: persuasive public speaking, daring but calculated in foreign policy, full of progressive solutions and aimed at changing all the “malarkey” in Washington.


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