Kirsten Powers of the New York Posts wonders if Barack Obama can win Hillary Clinton’s female supporters who feel wronged by the events of the primary. She points out numerous cases of both overt and tempered sexism and notes one group, “Clinton Supporters Count Too”(some info here), is threatening not to vote if Obama is the nominee.

There is no doubt that there have been both racist and sexist remarks uttered by all manner of Democrats this year. Most have been mild although the responses have often been shrill. If Clinton supporters really want to dwell on the matter, they won’t have a hard time convincing themselves that Clinton’s loss is some kind of male-chauvinist slap in the face to all women. Question is, will enough women feel that way to damage Obama’s chances in November?

My guess is no. When the election arrives, most of Clinton’s supporters will be voting for Obama. They will probably decide that defeating John McCain is more important than making some statement about Clinton’s perceived mistreatment. After all, if these are the types who can convince themselves that sexism and not Clinton’s grossly incompetent campaign is what gave Obama the nomination, then they’re also the type to buy into the Democratic spin that McCain is some evil Republican doom-bringer whose election would ruin us all.

Obama will probably have to make the appropriate speeches to women’s interests groups, but I don’t think he has too much to worry about. He’ll get the votes of most of Clinton’s supporters.

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