My concern at this point is that she isn’t using more of her money to pay off vendors. As we’ve seen, the Clintons’ war chest is now quite vast and there’s no doubt they could raise more after the campaign to pay themselves back pretty quickly. A couple book deals and some speaking tours should do the trick.

And here’s the thing: she knows she’s going to lose. So not paying this money back, and possibly leaning on the Obama camp to do it, is starting to seem grossly irresponsible at this point. Because if I look around, who’s going to pay for it? Are they going to dip into their personal fortune at the end of this to make good? Or are they going to give Barack a nudge, extend their hands and give that knowing look that says, “There’s only one way we’ll drop out of this thing.”

Here’s more…

She added another $9.5 million in unpaid bills to vendors this past month alone, pushing her total debt to vendors and herself to the new astronomical figure, about a 50% debt increase in one month.

According to a campaign release put out Tuesday evening as election returns revealed her big win in Kentucky and loss in Oregon, Clinton raised “approximately $22 million” from other people in April. The release also touted that $10 million had poured in within 48 hours of another lopsided Clinton victory over Obama, that one in Pennsylvania, and said it was the second best fundraising month of her entire campaign.

But the number collected is actually closer to $21 million and the release also neglected to mention that she spent $28.9 million, nearly $8 million more than she took in. She used personal loans to make up part of the difference. She also delayed payments to consultants. Including the $9.5 million in unpaid bills from April, she owes consultants and other vendors $19.5 million.

Not to mention the total $11.4 million she has loaned herself.

In other news, the RNC apparently has $40.6M on hand to spend on the general election campaign. The DNC? $4.4M.

More as it develops…

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