Over at VicePresidents.com, we don’t think Hillary will really humble herself to play second fiddle to Obama… unless, of course, Bill sees her eventual ascension to the presidency as inevitable and thereby demands it. She’d have a much more powerful post as head of the Senate or another cabinet post, but perhaps the days of a VEEP-turned-President will return again. Regardless, feminists across the nation are lamenting that Clinton’s chances of pulling an underdog victory are dwindling as Obama’s Super-Delegate number finally surpasses hers.

The question is… DO Democrats Want Hillary As Obama’s #2?

The answer really depends upon who you ask. If you’re asking Clintonites if they’d like the consolation prize, well of course they would! But if you’re asking Obama-diehards, they feel deep down that Clinton is a mixed package… a polarizing figure that could detract just as much as she could bring. (After all, Rush Limbaugh thinks Hillary would be an easy target… and he’s more than ready to launch that assault.)

In a recent CNN poll, 55% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents say they want Obama to offer her the position. 75% of Loyal Clintonites want Obama to ask, while only 43% of Obama supporters are thinking “Dream Ticket.”

At first prominent Clinton-backing Democrats avoided this unrealistic notion, but some are throwing the idea out there now. Fellow NY Senator Chuck Schumer recanted, saying he sees it possible and thinks they’d make a great time. Likewise, Senator Charlie Rangel says it’d be “terrific” if the ticket worked out that way and Governor Ed Rendell audaciously told CNN, “If Hillary Clinton is not the nominee, I know that she cares very much about making change, and she will absolutely support Senator Obama enthusiastically.”

The Ying to his Yang: Obviously Clinton could bring the legacy of experience that people automatically associate with her husband. (Yeah, I know it’s not very “informed” but you know there are some voters who fly that way!) She can ground Obama back to reality when he’s soaring away with blind hope to bring balance.

Ticket Branding: She will reinforce the YES WE CAN message by bringing a lot of the necessary Washington clout to get things actually accomplished. An Obama-Clinton ticket would prevent the party’s decay (since so many Dems are jaded and distrustful of the party super-delegates.) The ticket the Democrats are really hoping for now will exude CHANGE in every way possible… and word on the street is, “What better way to hammer it home than with the first woman and first black in the White House?” 

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