This guy is shaping up to be THE guy to beat in the VP stakes because he can really help Obama with his “race” problem. What’s apparent from the following clip is he understands why people may not be choosing Obama based on race…and it’s not necessarily racism.

The part I’m talking about starts about 4:30 in…

Do note when he says, “When I hear people say this is racism, my back gets up a little bit, because that’s my cultural group.” That’s important and one of the biggest reasons why making distinctions between racism and frustrations based on race is important.

Here’s more (via Huff Post):

Black America and Scots-Irish America are like tortured siblings. They both have long history and they both missed the boat when it came to the larger benefits that a lot of other people were able to receive. There’s a saying in the Appalachian mountains that they say to one another, and it’s, “if you’re poor and white, you’re out of sight.” […]

This isn’t Selma, 1965. This is a result of how affirmative action, which was basically a justifiable concept when it applied to African Americans, expanded to every single ethnic group in America that was not white, and these were the people who had not received benefits and were not getting anything out of it. And they’re basically saying let’s pay attention to what has happened to this cultural group in terms of opportunities. […]

If this cultural group could get at the same table as black America you could rechange populist American politics. Because they have so much in common in terms of what they need out of government.

To me this explanation is dead on and is what Obama has been trying to say, but hasn’t really been able to get there because he can’t speak from Webb’s perspective as a Scots-Irish. He needs the ying to his yang, so to speak, and that’s why Webb makes even more sense as a VP nominee.

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