They stuck by him when times were tough, and now that they’ve being kicked to the curb they’re understandably frustrated.

From Politico:

“If it was OK to have these people working for you in February, why is it not OK today?” asked one Republican lobbyist who counts a friend among the new McCain outcast class. […]

“McCain’s self-righteous [expletive] has caught up with him. Now he’s got himself in a jam,” said another Republican lobbyist who asked to remain anonymous because he is a campaign volunteer. “He’s got to change the subject back to economic growth and taxation and the war on terror.”

And there’s this thought from another McCain supporter: “I find it a little offensive. It was good enough to get my $2,300 donation. If we’re not good enough, then send my check back. It pisses me off.”

One thing’s apparent…this new policy seems to be nothing more than window dressing for McCain. He has been cozy with lobbyists and special interests for a long time now and this latest move to purge is campaign of special interests smacks of the very thing that McCain supposedly decries: disingenuousness.

Also, since McCain is yanking lobbyists out of his campaign, then he should also yank their money too. I agree with that last supporter who wants his check back. I mean, Obama doesn’t accept money from lobbyists or PACs, so McCain shouldn’t either if he wants to be seen as equal to Obama on this issue.

More as it develops…

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