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Starbucks or Cracker Barrel?


After winning in Kentucky, I realized that Hillary has taken all the states that Cracker Barrel dominates. For those of you unfortunate not to have a dining experience at Cracker Barrel, it’s a good ol’ fashion country restaurant that blue collar, good ol’ folk eat at. I love the pancakes! I remember Cracker Barrel when we took family trips from Michigan down to Florida, and when you hit southern Ohio, that’s when you would see the Cracker Barrel signs…not to mention Waffle House, but I won’t go there. 

So this leads us to the Starbucks crowd vs. the Cracker Barrel crowd. Now I’m certain if you took a scientific poll I bet my money that 99.9 percent of the patrons at Cracker Barrel would NOT vote for Barack. Starbucks is making inroads in some of these rural places, but only near the interstates. So if Barack wants to win these swing states he better start campaigning at Cracker Barrel…NOT Waffle House! If there is one word you don’t want to be associated with it is “waffle”!