From the depths of Tallahassee, Florida comes a man so qualified it’s shocking that he’s not running his own vice president campaign already! Governor Charlie Crist once served as Vice President of the student body at Florida State University where he studied Law.

Under Jeb Bush, he became Deputy Secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in 1999 and Education Commissioner of Florida in 2000. He’s cracked down on fraud cases, while upholding civil rights, and he’s garnered support from celebrities like John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted.

Crist then served as State Attorney General from 2003 and 2007, before taking residency as governor. In Florida, he has a soaring 70% approval rating, even though some local journalists dubbed him as “Empty Chair Charlie” because he’s spent so much time on the campaign trail.

In recent months, he’s called for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases to put Florida on the Environmentalism Movement Map, he’s taken bold steps to make health insurance more affordable in the Sunshine State and he’s offered residents property tax relief — all things that are on the McCain agenda. It seems these two see eye to eye!

Sure, Crist’s had his fair share of ethics and fundraising red flags, but is that even newsworthy these days? One blogger speculated that marriage would be the tell-tale sign of Crist’s campaign for the Vice Presidency. (Let’s hope Americans aren’t so petty!)

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