They want the 55 uncommitted delegates from Michigan to stay “uncommitted. ”

Umm…what was that about the will of the people again?

From Politico:

In a conference call with reporters, Clinton Senior Adviser Harold Ickes clarified their position on Michigan — they don’t want the 55 “uncommitted” delegates to go to Obama (his name did not appear on the ballot in Michigan).

There have been reports that some of the uncommitted delegates in Michigan already selected are union supporters of Clinton. This solution, unsurprisingly, would make it much harder for Obama to clinch a pledged delegate majority.

Last week, the Clinton campaign was agnostic on the issue — but they seem to ratcheting up the noise, or at least their negotiating position.

Folks, the people who voted for uncommitted either voted for Edwards or Obama. And considering that Edwards backed Obama, all of the uncommitted votes should go to Obama if Michigan gets seated. It’s obvious that was the will of the voters at the time since they voted for “nobody.”

And as Josh Marshall reminds us yet again…

One of her most senior advisors, Harold Ickes, was on the DNC committee that voted to sanction Florida and Michigan by not including their delegates. Her campaign completely signed off on sanctions after that. And Clinton was actually quoted saying the Michigan contest didn’t count. Michigan and Florida were sanctioned because they ignored the rules the DNC had set down for running this year’s nomination process.

The evidence is simply overwhelming that Sen. Clinton didn’t think this was a problem at all — until it became a vehicle to provide a rationale for her continued campaign.

Jeezus…WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!!!?!!?!?!

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