In recent days, McCain has started talking up comprehensive immigration reform again, and that’s the straw that broke the elephant’s back for at least one prominent right wing blogger.

See, McCain had pledged during the primaries that he was going to abandon that stance, and many conservatives feel he never would have won the nomination had he not switched his opinion. And now that he’s signaling he’ll switch it back, well, they’re understandably furious.

From Right Wing News:

After McCain took Florida and was practically a lock to capture the nomination, in keeping with my belief that it benefits conservatives to support the most conservative nominee, I wrote two columns called, Why You’re Going To Vote For John McCain In November And Like It! & There’s Nothing Conservative Or Principled About Helping A Democrat Beat John McCain In November. […]

Admittedly that was tough for me because I wasn’t a fan of the guy, but I believed that I had a responsibility, for whatever it was worth, to try to set an example. That was despite the fact that fighting amnesty is extremely important to me and John McCain was the chief Republican proponent of amnesty.

Of course, McCain claimed that he had changed his tune. Yes, he still supported amnesty, but he said he had heard the message that the American people were sending him and that he had been convinced that we needed security first, before we pursued an amnesty.

Then Hawkins points to these comments from an NY Times blog out yesterday…

He added: “I believe we have to secure our borders, and I think most Americans agree with that, because it’s a matter of national security. But we must enact comprehensive immigration reform. We must make it a top agenda item if we don’t do it before, and we probably won’t, a little straight talk, as of January 2009.”

Mr. McCain asked others on the panels for suggestions about how to “better mobilize American public opinion” behind the notion of comprehensive immigration reform.

And then back to Hawkins for a final thought…

Put very simply: John McCain is a liar. He’s a man without honor, without integrity, who could not have captured the Republican nomination had he run on making comprehensive immigration a top priority of his administration. Quite frankly, this is little different from George Bush, Sr. breaking his “Read my lips, no new taxes pledge,” except that Bush’s father was at least smart enough to wait until he got elected before letting all of his supporters know that he was lying to them.

Honestly, if I were in Hawkins’ position I’d probably be thinking the same thing, especially since I’ve had my own issues with a certain Democratic candidate.

Last thought: I wonder if this will be an isolated incident within the right-wing blogosphere.

In response to Hawkins, Dan Riehl shares similar thoughts on McCain:

He seems to believe solely in his own council and I just don’t find him to be that smart, or insightful. I suspect he’d be a better military line officer, than president, or even general, or admiral. And he might not even have made a truly exceptional military man for all we know. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. The last politician I felt this way about was Bill Clinton. And what a fiasco he turned out to be.

Couple the above with my belief that he has his head up his butt on mostly everything besides the war and I simply can’t get excited enough about the man to care.

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