McCain’s closest adviser Lindsey Graham sat down with Colmes to discuss the upcoming Memorial Day weekend that political pundits say is one big audition for the running mate slot.

“I’m going to be there because, like I say, I enjoy his company, and it’s a free meal,” Graham laughs.

When asked about the possibility of a mixed McCain-Lieberman ticket, Graham replied, “You know, Joe’s going to be there. Joe’s a great American. He transcends party. He put his political career at risk because he believed in something passionately, and that’s winning this war against radical Islam, and he thought President Bush had the right policies even though he was a loyal Democrat. And he got punished for that by He and John McCain have a similar reputation for standing up for what they believe. He’s a dear friend.”

Colmes and Steyn were feeling bitter about not being invited to McCain’s for hotdogs this Memorial Day weekend, so they wondered: Does McCain want Mitt Romney for VEEP?

“Mitt Romney’s been very helpful to Senator McCain,” Graham comments. “They’ve campaigned throughout the country. He’s raised money for him. He’s a great guy and we’re going to have fun out at the cabin. So you know — I guess there’s just — we’ve got to talk about something. This is just as good as anything else, I suppose.”

Perhaps Graham himself has ambitions…

“I have — well, if this is an audition for vice-president by being with John, I’ve been doing this for eight years. It’s the longest audition in the history of the world. I’ve traveled all over the world with John, and I’ve been to the ranch many times, and so have some of the other people being invited. It is literally a time together with people who could accommodate their schedules that John respects and likes, and it’s no more than that. And he’ll pick a vice-presidential nominee that he thinks will help the country if something happened to him, lead the country if something happened to him, that shares his values, his principles, and his priorities. That’s what he said. I know that’s what he’s going to do.”


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