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Obama & Clinton DON'T Begin Talks To End It?


Not only that, she’s accusing Obama’s people of planting the story.


“That’s flatly untrue — flatly, completely untrue,” Hillary said when asked about the story. The edit board meeting is being aired live, and is still underway.

“No discussions at all,” Hillary continued. “It is not anything I’m entertaining. It is nothing I’ve planned. It is nothing I’m prepared to engage in.” […]

A bit later, Hillary added: “This is part of an effort to end this before it’s over.”

Later still, Hillary brought the hammer down: “I would look to the camp of my opponent for the source of these stories,” she said.

And Obama’s camp denies talks where happening either…

Here is what Obama spokesperson Bill Burton said: “This is something that I agree with [Hillary spokesperson] Howard [Woflson] on 100%.”

So is this her trying to save face and Obama’s people playing along or did somebody from Obama’s camp make the story up or did somebody from Clinton’s camp make up the story to the blame on Obama’s camp?

Here’s what I think: who cares? Because these talks are going to happen sooner or later because it’s not possible for her to win.

Moving on…