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Where's Huckabee This Weekend?


Don’t worry, Huckabee Fans… I was just as perplexed as you when I saw the list of potential Veeps invited to McCain’s BBQ didn’t include Mike Huckabee. Today word’s leaked out that Mike was, in fact, invited to the big McCain Memorial Day Weekend – but he couldn’t make it!

Sarah Huckabee says her parents will be on a long-planned trip celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary this weekend. (Geez, what ever happened to “Bros before Hoes?” Or perhaps that slogan doesn’t translate so well to marriages…)

Well, Huckabee’s not the only one missing. Others who were invited but couldn’t make it include: Minnesota Gov.Tim Pawlenty, and NC Sen. Richard Burr.

Turns out financial adviser Rob Portman has agreed to eat their hotdogs for them.