If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know I’m a big Mark Warner fan. He was doing the unity thing as governor of Virginia before it became a national meme, but he wisely read the tea leaves and stepped aside in the presidential race after he saw signs in late 2006 that Hillary, Obama and Edwards would be squaring off.

Now there are rumors that he could be Obama’s short list and that should make any moderate smile.

Here’s more from Novak…

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, a strong favorite to be elected to the Senate this year, has told associates that he is being considered as Sen. Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate. He did not indicate whether he would be receptive to such an offer.

Removing Warner from the campaign for the seat now held by retiring Republican Sen. John Warner (no relation) would turn a sure Democratic takeover to a question mark.

So that makes two solid VP choices from Virginia, but Warner is definitely more charismatic than Webb. And I do believe that even with questions swirling about Obama’s appeal to white voters, Warner would put Virginia in the Dems tally come fall.

More as it develops…

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