We both made predictions about how 2008 would shape up back in February 2006, and I think this post could serve as an interesting juxtaposition of inside the beltway thinking vs. outside the beltway thinking.

First uber-tech blogger Robert Scoble shared Trippi’s thoughts…

In the 2008 election he expects that Hillary Clinton will be a lockin for the Democrats. He doesn’t see anyone who can challenge her from the Democratic side.

On the right side he’s expecting a far more conservative than even George Bush is. Why? His reasoning is that the powerbase that put George Bush in power is mad that they haven’t gotten things done, for instance, repealing of abortion and other conservative issues. He doesn’t think that a moderate Republican has any chance in getting nominated at all.

If that weren’t bad enough, he theorized that a Democrat would split ranks and run as an independent. He isn’t sure how this would play out, but it probably wouldn’t be good for Hillary, who’ll have a tough time getting elected anyway.

To find out how I felt things would shape up, click here.

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