Former Kentucky Commerce Secretary Bruce Lunsford is actually leading McConnell 49 to 44 in the latest Rasmussen polls.

So how is this possible when McConnell has a favorability rating of 52% in his own state?

Two words: Bush and economy:

While McConnell will try to make Obama a part of Lunsford’s name, Lunsford will emphasize McConnell’s ties to the current President. George W. Bush won 60% of the vote in Kentucky during Election 2004 but just 32% of the state’s voters now say the President is doing a good or an excellent job. Forty-eight percent (48%) say Bush is doing a poor job. […]

The economy is viewed as the top issue by 54% of Kentucky voters. Among these voters, Lunsford leads 53% to 38%.

And here’s a surprise on the Iraq war…

Lunsford also leads among voters who consider the War in Iraq as the top issue while McConnell is the overwhelming favorite among those who see National Security as the highest priority.

Does this mean Kentucky voters want us to get out?

More as it develops…

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