The last nail in Hillary’s coffin?

From TPM:

In what could potentially be a blow to Hillary’s electoral hopes, such as they are right now, the Democratic National Committee’s lawyers have declared that the Rules and Bylaws committee lacks the legal authority to seat the full Florida and Michigan delegations.

The DNC’s lawyers sent a memo late yesterday to members of the committee telling them that the two states must lose half of their convention delegates for skirting party rules and holding earlier elections.

That’s trouble for Hillary, who is pushing for a full seating of the delegations to narrow Obama’s pledged del lead and to proclaim herself the popular vote winner in order to argue that Dem primary voters didn’t render a clear verdict on their preference as nominee.

My guess is that they’ll seat half of the delegates.

We’ll see on Saturday!

Politics DNC Lawyers: Michigan And Florida Can't Seat Full Delegations