So, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written a book accusing the Bush Administration of numerous misdeeds including relying on propaganda in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. I have no doubt that Bush and his team utilized propaganda techniques in the “selling” of the Iraq War. After all, this administration has repeatedly confused marketing with leadership. But McClellan is no hero for writing a tell-all.

Even if everything he says is 100% true, why did he wait until now to speak? Why wait until a book contract and the promise of royalties came along before opening up? Wouldn’t a better man, a braver man have spoken up when the alleged misdeeds were occurring? If he thought the press was being too easy on the administration during the lead-up to war, couldn’t he have at least done some “off the record” communication with reporters? If McClellan believed the war was being sold on false pretenses, didn’t he have a duty to say something back then? Waiting until he could profit from a tell-all book means either what he witnessed really wasn’t that awful OR he’s a coward for not doing something when something could have been done. Neither scenario speaks well of the man.

Maybe what McClellan has written is completely true. But because he waited until now to make his accusations, we’ll never know for sure.

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