That’s been the consistent message out of the White House loyalists, and none were more revealing than Ari Fleischer’s appearance on CNN this evening with a panel of reporters.

He basically suggested that McClellan had not really written many of the strongly worded accusations, and even talked of a phone conversation he had with him earlier that day where McClellan said his editor had definitely made some tweaks.

The reporters on the panel promptly laughed in Ari’s face.

In fact, here’s Ari on MSNBC making similar claims of being “heartbroken”…

So then, it feels like the White House and the loyalists are trying to do something here that’s particularly clever. Because when you hear Ari and Rove saying that this isn’t “the Scott we know” as if they’re hurt friends, what they’re really suggesting is that McClellan was not smart enough to write the book.

And yes, maybe it’s true that this was really shocking for everybody involved, but how many of these “after the fact” books do we have to endure before people will start to accept that something is not right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Not the Scott we knew? How about not the government we deserve.

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