A new Rasmussen Poll shows that John McCain is more trusted than Barack Obama on the economy. 47% trust McCain compared to 41% trusting Obama. McCain also edges Obama on Iraq (49% to 37%) and on general national security 53% to 31%.

So, what does this tell us? Well, as we already know, McCain’s strength is in national security, not just because his stances are perceived as “tougher” but because his experience is much more pronounced than is Obama’s. But, more interestingly, McCain is not as weak on the economy as some might expect. He doesn’t necessarily have to keep the focus solely on national security in order to gain an advantage. There’s room for him to win votes on domestic issues as well.

Of course, we’re still many months away from November and, as hard as it is for us political junkies to believe, a lot of voters are still formulating their opinions on the candidates. These poll numbers will invariably change.

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