If you’re not watching it live, Robert Wexler just spoke on behalf of the Obama campaign and he said they’d accept the Ausman petition

More from TPM:

“Senator Obama should be commended for his willingness to offer this extraordinary concession,” Wexler said, adding that he’s offering this concession “in order to promote reconciliation with Florida voters.”

Though Hillary’s team will still insist on a full seating, it’s tough to imagine that this compromise won’t end up being the final outcome. But again, the real morass is Michigan.

I think this will basically settle Florida.

Michigan is up next and doesn’t promise to be as easy given the whole “uncommitted” issue.

Remember, you can watch it all live on MSNBC.

NOTE: No decisions have been made yet. This is just the plan being promoted by Florida and being accepted by Obama. The committee has yet to rule on it.

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