By more than 2 to 1…

The cable networks called the island territory for Clinton the instant polls closed at 3:00 p.m., indicating a landslide; exit polls showed her winning virtually every group, including young voters typically loyal to nomination rival Barack Obama.

“I am overwhelmed by this vote today,” Clinton said in her victory speech. She used the speech to press the case that she’s proven her superior electability by pulling more popular votes than Obama.

She said more people have voted for her “than for any candidate in the history of presidential primaries. We are winning the popular vote.”

But is she really winning the popular vote? Because let’s remember that Clinton isn’t counting four caucus states that don’t report popular vote. With those, Obama is ahead by about 44,000 votes. Obviously this isn’t a large margin, but for her to claim outright that she leads the popular vote is misleading at best.

Right now the delegate count (according to Real Clear Politics) stands at…

Obama – 2,068
Clinton – 1,914

So Obama needs 50 to reach the new number of 2,118. The primaries on Tuesday should bring him within 20 35 of that total.

So…will more than 20 35 superdelegates stand up and stop this or will they wait until the convention?

More as it develops…

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