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When You Count ALL The Votes, Obama Wins Popular Vote


Hillary is currently claiming she has won more popular votes than any other candidate in history, but don’t believe the hype folks. That claim is only correct if you don’t count popular votes out of 4 caucus states.

Of course this hasn’t stopped the news orgs from repeating this myth, but let’s get into the real numbers.

Total Popular Vote, including FL
Obama: 17,535,458 – 48.1%
Clinton: 17,493,836 – 48.0%

Total Popular Vote, including FL & MI
Obama: 17,773,626 – 48.0%
Clinton: 17,822,145 – 48.1%

Total Popular Vote including FL, MI, IA, NV, ME, & WA
Obama: 18,107,710 – 48.1%
Clinton: 18,046,007 – 47.9%

So THAT’S the reality folks, not the Clinton spin. She can claim a popular vote win all she wants, but it’s just not true…nor was it EVER supposed to be a measure in these contests, just like it’s not a measure in the general election.

Numbers courtesy of Real Clear Politics