One of the recent signs that the airline industry is not doing well is American Airlines’ decision to charge $15 for your first checked bag.

But, hey, now the airline is saying it’s not that big of a deal. Apparently only one in four passengers checks a bag.

But the real kicker to AA’s statement on the matter is this:

The airline defended the fee, saying it was a bargain compared with the cost of shipping a 45-pound bag overnight on a package-delivery company. A spokesman for the airline said the cost of sending a bag from Dallas to New York would range from $150 to $230 or more.

Makes me wonder what it would cost to ship myself. After all, a box could have more legroom than an American Airlines flight and at least UPS would guarantee my arrival.

Obviously American Airlines has to do what it has to do to remain a viable airline. But for those of us who travel more for leisure than business, checking a bag is a necessity. AA is pretty much ensuring that families will turn somewhere else for their domestic vacation travel.

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