No, no, it’s not Hillary Clinton… although that would be a laugh, wouldn’t it? I think the fact that Obama’s going through the process and not outright naming Clinton immediately might suggest he’s looking to distance himself from what Jimmy Carter says “would be the worst mistake.”

At any rate, his VP selection committee includes:

Jim Johnson (former chief executive officer for the mortgage lender Fannie Mae who helped Kerry & Mondale), Eric Holder (former deputy attorney general and District of Columbia Superior Court judge) and Caroline Kennedy (JFK’s daughter).

“Senator Obama is pleased to have three talented and dedicated individuals managing this rigorous process,” stated an Obama spokesman.”He will work closely with them in the coming weeks but ultimately this will be his decision and his alone.”

Frankly, I’m a little surprised that Obama would pick Jim Johnson. Yes, it’s good to have a seasoned strategist helping you select a good running mate… and Johnson came up with some pretty good options for Kerry and Mondale, generally speaking. However, if you look at how his selections functioned with the presidential nominees, it was disasterous. John Edwards totally outshined John Kerry… and Geraldine Ferraro running with Walter Mondale just seemed so mis-matched. I don’t think America was quite ready for a female VP in 1984.

The Associated Press released an article that reminded people of Eric Holder’s involvement in a controversial pardon during the Clinton administration’s tenure. I don’t really think one decision is indicative of someone’s entire capacity for decision-making, per say, but it’s something the AP feels you should consider anyway.

Many are also surprised at Caroline Kennedy’s appearance on the committee, but I think that’s a smart move. The Kennedys are well-connected, high-profile and notably intelligent. It’ll be interesting to see who they come up with… even though it’s probably the same list we’ve been squawking about all year.

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