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Obama To Pay Off Hillary's Debts?


Well, at least some of them…

Barack Obama’s campaign is open to paying off some of the more than $20 million in debt accrued by defeated rival Hillary Clinton, a top adviser said.

“Certainly that is something that would be on the table,” the adviser, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, told Bloomberg News reporters and editors yesterday. “Obviously we want to help each other.”

Money for Clinton to retire her campaign debt — $11.4 million of which is owed to herself — may help smooth relations between the two camps following a 16-month primary campaign where the candidates at times exchanged personal attacks. The urgency for Clinton, 60, is she has until the Aug. 25-28 Democratic convention to pay off her $11.4 million personal loan. Otherwise, by law she can recoup no more than $250,000.

I know a lot of Obama supporters are wholeheartedly against this, but let’s remember that Hillary owes a lot of small businesses money, and without Obama’s help they could be out of luck. For that reason alone, I think this makes sense, and may be one of the main reasons Hillary was threatening to stay in the race in the first place.

More as it develops…