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Ron Paul To Hold Mini-Convention


And it’ll get mini-coverage and have a mini-impact.

From Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Maverick GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has booked an arena in Minneapolis for a “mini-convention” that could steal some of John McCain’s thunder just days before he accepts the Republican nomination.

A Paul campaign aide said the Texas congressman hopes to pack about 11,000 supporters into the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on Sept. 2, which coincides with the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in neighboring St. Paul. […]

The campaign hopes the daylong event will “send a message to the Republican Party,” Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton tells the Tribune-Review.

The message Paul will be sending to the Republican Party? “I should have run on a 3rd party ticket so I actually would have had an impact instead of a momentary media blip that will only get coverage because it coincides with your convention.”

But hey, have fun while it lasts!

(NOTE: I’ve seen at least one blog post that thinks that last quote was really from Ron Paul. It’s not, and I thought that would be obvious because of its snarkiness. Sorry for any confusion.)