When I first started to listen to the Molly Shannon Molly Shannon CD You Think Yr The Doctor, I Think I’m The Sheriff (Fir Traders Union), I had quickly summed this up as a creative artsy collection of songs. After listening the the entire works, I realized it was not that simple.
Photo by Kyle M Peterson
Photo by Kyle M. Peterson

For example, I can hear a multitude of influences (Modest Mouse, Sage, Rebecca Moore, the late Jeff Buckley, Peter Gabriel…etc). Yet they remain uniquely original in their delivery. So far my favorite track is Alice Liddell. The cello towards the end transforms the dynamics of this track to something you only hear in dreams. The album is a mixture of ambiance, roots, folk, soundtrack. It’s well thought out and tastefully done. The vocal styles vary throughout the music which makes it very interesting to listen too. On Emilie du Chatelet, I was reminded of Jeff Buckley (as previously mentioned). This too was pulled off respectfully.

Molly Shannon Molly Shannon isn’t trying to full anyone with this album. There are no gimmicks or killer hooks to speak of. What you get is a chance to look inside the creative engine of two seemingly creative artists. They push you and pull you in all sorts of directions. It sounds like theme songs to the most amazing dream you ever had in your life. This was my first time hearing MSMS. It won’t be my last! Release info for the CD is vague so you’ll have to do your own research.

There was a rumor that MSMS had a myspace music page but when I went to myspace.com/mollyshannonmollyshannon there was nothing there. To find out more about them, you should go to mollyshannonmollyshannon.com…um…well, going there will tell you more about MSMS so be prepared. Hey, I think they’re damn fun! Just like cats.

I tend to talk about artists that have an event coming up in the city. As it turns out, I have no information on any upcoming events. So instead, i thought I’d point you to the latest movie by their namesake Molly Shannon at Culutremob.com. Turns out Molly Shannon hasn’t released a film this year yet. Dang!

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