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NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Obama Leads McCain By 6, And…


Obama: 47%
McCain: 41%

The poll has been widely talked about for its demographic breakouts, which show Obama winning women but 19%, but losing men by 8%. However, something far more telling could be revealed when one looks at what this poll has uncovered in previous elections.

Here it is in 2004…

March: Bush 46, Kerry 43
May: Bush 46, Kerry 42
June: Bush 45, Kerry 44
July: Bush 47, Kerry 45
August: Bush 47, Kerry 45
September: Bush 48, Kerry 45
Mid October:Bush 48, Kerry 46
Late October: Bush 48, Kerry 47

So Kerry never led Bush in 2004 and the popular vote spread ended up being 50.7% to 48.3%.

Good news for Obama?

No doubt.