McCain – 51%
Obama – 41%

While Obama has gained 4 on McCain since the last survey, this one looks to be solidly in red column for the general election.

The details…

McCain is also far ahead in terms of voter favorability – with 61% holding a favorable view of him as opposed to 45% who feel that way about Obama.

While McCain’s unfavorables total 37%, over half of Georgia voters (54%) view Obama at least somewhat unfavorably.

George W. Bush won the state twice by double digits. Bill Clinton narrowly carried Georgia in 1992 but lost it to Bob Dole in 1996.

The Republican contender held sizable leads over both of his potential Democratic opponents in the Peach State in last month’s Rasmussen Reports survey. McCain led Obama 53% to 39% and Hillary Clinton by 48% to 37% at that time.

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