I’ve heard that the one poll question most likely to predict the winner of presidential elections is: who would you rather have a beer with?

This held true in 2004 and in 2000 and while I can’t uncover results from earlier elections, I imagine Bill Clinton had no problems whipping Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush on the question.

It’s likely that the clairvoyant powers of this poll question are more apocryphal than real but, hey, it’s Friday and I feel like delving into lighter matters.

A completely
unscientific poll
conducted on-line by beer producers has Obama beating McCain 47% to 22% (the poll includes other candidates). But I think that gap is much larger that it would be in a real poll. After all, McCain has been known to enjoy a drink or two while Obama has shown some deficits in his beer IQ.

Then again, George W. Bush won the beer poll in both elections despite being a non-drinker, so I guess real-world drinking habits don’t much figure in to people’s answers.

Personally, I’d like to have a beer with both McCain and Obama but, if I had to choose just one to invite to the brew pub, I’d go with McCain. I’m a sucker for good stories from “back in the day” and I bet the man can spin a few. Plus the guy just seems more likely to let loose and knock back a few with me. It’s not that I think Obama is ridiculously uptight – just that he’s me more the type I’d invite to an afternoon of Hill Country wine tasting than an evening at the local bar.

So, if you can possibly put your partisanship aside, who would you rather have a beer with this year? Barack Obama or John McCain?

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