Given how contentious the primary was, I understand why former Clinton supporters would vote for McCain.

However…a delegate?

From JS Online:

“I’m sure people are going to be upset with me,” said [Debra] Bartoshevich, a 41-year-old emergency room nurse from Waterford in Racine County, and convention delegate pledged to Clinton. […]

Bartoshevich called herself a “devoted Democrat” who had never voted for a Republican for president.

“I’m on a lot of the (pro-Clinton) blogs, and so many people, male and female, feel the same way as I do,” said Bartoshevich, who was listed as a Racine County co-chair for the Clinton campaign and who traveled outside Wisconsin to volunteer for Clinton. “The Democrats jumped on this wagon of Barack Obama, and nobody really knows him.”

So Bartoshevich is a devoted Democrat, but she’ll be voting against her interests come this fall?

I guess I have to wonder if these voters sincerely think Obama is that much of a question mark. After all, he has 4 more years of legislative experience than Clinton, was able to build a campaign machine from scratch that made hers look hapless and his general election ground game promises to be even more impressive.

Honestly, I don’t think Bartoshevich thought this one through, because within days of hearing her decision, Wisconsin Dems acted…

At the state Democratic Party convention, party members, including Clinton supporters, unanimously passed a resolution asking the national party not to seat Bartoshevich at the Denver convention. […]

Another pledged Clinton delegate, Paula Dorsey of Milwaukee, offered the resolution.

Dorsey said trying to expel her fellow Democrat from the party’s convention “hurts my soul and it hurts my heart,” but it is the party’s presumptive nominee, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), whom convention delegates must support.

I’m seeing more and more of these stories pop up on both sides. Recently, Colin Powell has said he’s going to have a tough choice in the fall. And then there are Dems lawmakers who say they won’t endorse Obama…but they’ll still vote for him. And then there are conservative commentators like Armstrong Williams, who may switch and back Obama.

The thing is…these are probably just blips. In the end, most Dems will vote for Obama, most Republicans will vote for McCain, and the Independent vote will be divided fairly evenly. But if 9% more of the electorate identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans, it’s McCain who’ll have an uphill battle.

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