That’s compared with 41% who think McCain will take it.

Also, Gallup reveals how stable this sentiment is in every region in the country…

And in what can only be described as a positive for Obama, young people overwhelmingly favor him, but they don’t necessarily think he’ll win.

So why in the world would that be seen as a positive?

Well, the 18-34ers are often grouped into a demographic group named Generation Y, and one of the most recognizable character traits of this generation is their ability and willingness to self organize and actually work for change. They’re not nearly as complacent as the Generation Xers who came before them, and that means they could be particularly active this fall.

Long story short, with our country going through so many problems, the sentiment is definitely behind a change in Washington…which could signal the type of landslide the Dems would need to push a lot of their initiatives through.

More as it develops…

Politics 52% Think Obama Will Become POTUS