McCain: 44%
Obama: 42%

It’s a very tight race in the “Silver State,” but I can’t help but think this could be an indication that the Obama campaign’s strategy to focus more attention on new states in this election cycle may actually work.

Here are the demographic breakdowns…

Voters age 18 to 34 preferred Obama by a wide margin, 55 percent to 31 percent. Among voters age 35 to 49, the two candidates were tied at 43 percent each. But McCain was preferred by voters 50 to 64, 48 percent to 39 percent, and by voters 65 and older, 50 percent to 34 percent.

No doubt 14% undecided could swing this either way, but as any pol worth their salt will tell you, when the party who has traditionally won a state year in and year out is below 45%, they’re looking at an uphill battle.

Still, all politics are local, so what could Obama offer Nevada that McCain could not?

Also this poll suggests that Clinton would not be a help to the ticket in this new swing state…

With five months until Election Day, a lot can and will happen, Coker noted. But the poll shows that the two candidates begin the general election season evenly matched in Nevada, a state that has voted for the winner of every presidential race with the exception of 1976.

The poll found that as far as Nevada voters are concerned, Obama appears to be better off without his erstwhile rival, Hillary Clinton, on the ticket.

Asked what effect having Clinton as the Democratic vice presidential candidate would have on their vote, 19 percent of Nevadans said it would make them more likely to vote for Obama, while 28 percent said they would be less likely to vote for him. Fifty-one percent said it would have no effect.

More as it develops…

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