I’m genuinely stunned by the lack of understanding about Bobby Jindal on Newt’s part here.

From The Hill:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Sunday that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal “would be far and away the best candidate” to appear on the Republican presidential ticket with Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

Gingrich, who appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” heaped praise upon the former congressman,
saying that he is a “spectacular” governor and predicted that Jindal would be a presidential candidate in the future.

As always, his reasoning on Jindal’s biggest question mark (his age) seems compelling at first glance…

Asked whether it could be a problem that the governor, who is 37, might be perceived as not ready to lead the country in case he would have to replace McCain, Gingrich said the case can be made that Jindal’s “experience in the executive branch and in the legislative branch is greater than” that of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

“It strikes me that it’s going to be very hard for Obama’s campaign to explain that Jindal, as a governor, who has served as an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, has served as a congressional staffer, has served as a congressman, is not qualified but Sen. Obama is qualified,” Gingrich said.

But Newt…Jindal is 37.

You’re actually proposing that the guy a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, especially in an election where age is being increasingly raised as an issue, could be under 40? It’s not like Jindal cancels McCain’s age. It only brings a second question mark into the mix, and that’s not what yo want.

Also, let’s do a quick thought experiment here…imagine if Obama was under 40. What would the hue and cry would sound like. But somehow it’s okay for Jindal? Not a chance.

Also, what would voters think about Jindal’s more colorful religious beliefs? My guess is they’d be more than a little concerned, and this may almost certainly push more evangelicals away from McCain and towards Obama.

Long story short, Jindal doesn’t make sense in 2008, and I’m surprised that Newt isn’t seeing that.

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