Obama: 45%
McCain: 44%

This is technically a tie, but this is also the first time Obama has any lead in any head-to-head polling against McCain in Virginia…at least that I can remember. If anybody has seen other polls where he leads, please share them.

Last month, Obama only trailed by 3, and the month before that he was down by 11, so the state definitely seems to be trending his way.

So why the swing towards Barack?

One word: Men…

McCain has lost ground among both male voters over the past month. He leads Obama among men 49% to 41%, but a month earlier his lead was nearly twice that size (15%).

And about those all important swing voters…

The Republican candidate’s lead among unaffiliated voters has vanished. Last month McCain had a 19% lead over Obama among these voters. Now the two candidates are essentially even.

Jim Webb…calling Jim Webb

Politics Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 1 In Virginia