Seattle has vibrant punk, pop, rap and jazz scenes; but in some genres of music we are totally lacking. However, nothing is lacking in the dub/disco/electronica meanderings of Seattle’s own Library Science, who is performing this Friday night (June 20) at Tost Lounge in Fremont.

So who the hell is Library Science? Well, their music is a surreal concoction of experimental dub mixed with electro post-pop Saturday morning cartoons. It’s reggae dance hall with unexpected samples of toy xylophone melodies, wheezing accordion drones, tape echoes and field recordings. What? Honestly, Library Science is really, really hard to describe which in and of itself means you simply have to check it out.

With the core of this local outfit being two of the cities’ most talented graphic designers, their shows incorporate a stunning visual spectacle on top of their tongue in cheek audio musings. At any given performance you may witness psychedelic videos of sports stars, paper-mache’ penguins, or heavy metal hair-dos. It is the sort of ocular stimulation that is pays homage to Chicago’s infamous Chic-a-go-go cable access show.

Check out a video of Library Science here:

Going to a Library Science show is like flying to Vegas, getting really trashed on amazingly-stiff cocktails while playing vintage 70’s nickel slots, smokin’ a joint and then running into Cirque du Soleil dancers in the bathroom. There’s nothing else like it.

So get your butt over to Fremont Friday night, pay the measly cover at Tost and check it out. I promise you won’t be sorry you did.

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