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First Gay Marriages Happening In California


And fittingly, the very first one was performed for a couple how had been together 15 years and helped start this movement in California.

Here’s their story from the LA Times:

In Los Angeles County, longtime partners Diane Olson and Robin Tyler were the first and only same-sex couple to obtain a license Monday. […] Olson and Tyler were the original plaintiffs in the 2004 California lawsuit challenging the ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional. The couple were chosen to receive the county’s first license “in recognition of their unique role in the court’s decision,” said acting L.A. County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan.

For eight years the couple trekked to the Beverly Hills courthouse on Valentine’s Day, only to be denied a marriage license each time. […]

At the reception, the couple cut a cake with matching bride figures on top. “My name is Robin Tyler and I’d like to introduce you to my wife!” she declared.

The brides will retain their own names.

Curiously enough, neither of the presidential candidates would approve of this.

What a shame.