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Gallup: Obama Maintains 4 Point Lead

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Rasmussen showed a completely static race today, and now Gallup is showing exactly the same thing. I have to guess that that the national sentiment is favoring Obama, but pretty much any controversy could shake things up.

The details…:

The presidential campaign may be entering a period of somnolence in these summer weeks prior to the late August and early September conventions in Denver and St. Paul. The candidates will be valiantly attempting to break into voters’ consciousness by staging news events and announcements in the weeks ahead — as was the case with the endorsement of Barack Obama by former vice president Al Gore in Michigan on Monday night — but how much these types of events will affect voter preferences remains to be seen.

There is discussion of the two candidates holding town hall type debates between now and the conventions, but nothing definite has been agreed upon at this point. Additionally, there will continue to be speculation and news reports about possible vice presidential running mates until both candidates make their preferences public, at which point the potential for voter preference perturbations will increase.

More tomorrow…